We’re entrepreneurs, technologists, and horticulturalists who are driven to produce the best-tasting greens around


serdar mizrakci, cofounder & ceo

Founder Serdar Mizrakci grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, where year-round access to ultra-fresh, hyper-local produce was the norm. His years of cooking with his mother and grandmother taught him to value good food and quality ingredients.

After moving to the United States for business school, Serdar was struck by the lack of access to tasty, local, and fresh produce, particularly greens. He was astonished by the week-long trek most spinach made from California to the east coast, during which the greens lose half of their nutrient content. Never one to pass up a challenge, Serdar combined his aptitude for engineering and entrepreneurship and his appetite for really, really good food to found Element Farms.

Serdar earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from Sabanci University in Istanbul and an MBA from Cornell University. Prior to founding Element Farms, Serdar founded an industrial robotics startup that improved industrial packaging processes.


danny janeczko, Cofounder & head grower

Danny Janeczko brings his expertise in hydroponics and process design to Element Farms after graduating from Cornell University with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in biological engineering. His previous work includes pharmaceutical process development and horticultural research.


Nazlican Goksu, CONSULTANT

Nazlican Goksu earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in product design and a post-baccalaureate degree in anthropology. She brings her skills in product design and brand management to Element Farms as well as to global design company IDEO.

Aaron Abeyta Filtered.jpg


Aaron Abeyta has spent over seven years in the food industry, baking bread, working on organic farms throughout Europe, and volunteering at aquaponic farms in the United States. In the greenhouse, Aaron focuses on the details of technologically advanced farming: he tests water parameters in ultra-pure irrigation ponds, maintains equipment, and mixes nutrient solutions all while planting and harvesting Element Farms greens. Aaron is currently a biology major at the Community College of Philadelphia.