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We started our company with a single goal in mind:

to grow the purest, best-tasting greens for the most people possible.

But weather in the northeastern United States is better suited to hardier crops, not the tender leaves we were craving. We’d have to find a better way.

So we did.

We worked with scientists and academics at Cornell University to bring farming back to its most basic elements: the crop, nutrients, water, light, and carbon dioxide. Their years of research and experimentation laid the groundwork for the proprietary technology that automates much of our growing and harvesting process.

We use high-capacity supplemental LED lighting, supplemental carbon dioxide, and high-precision irrigation to give our greens what they need to grow. We go beyond organic by never, ever using pesticides or chemicals so our greens are extra clean and ultra pure when they reach you.

Our team of entrepreneurs, researchers, and greenhouse workers transform learnings from today’s crops into tomorrow’s greens. We work day in and day out to improve our products and expand our offerings. Most importantly, we work with customers and fellow greens lovers who know a good green when they eat it. With their (and our) tireless taste testing and some very honest feedback, we’ll continue to tweak our growing methods until we can honestly claim the mantle of “best greens in the world.”

We’re pretty darn close.

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