We’re a produce company driven by technology.

We’ve researched, experimented, and innovated for years in our quest to produce the best-tasting local and pesticide-free greens year-round.

Our hard work has paid off - in our greenhouse in Florence, NJ, we can successfully grow the most in-demand but notoriously fickle crops like baby spinach, baby kale, mustard greens, baby arugula, and more.

Here is how we do it:



We sow our seeds into sterile soil that’s packed with our proprietary blend of nutrients and minerals. The seeds are sown in the perfect formation and density so that they grow into a plant canopy that's ideal for soaking up light and naturally protecting against pests. The seeds are watered with ultra-filtered water to kick off the growing cycle.



We treat our seeds to perfectly calibrated temperature and humidity levels to help them sprout.



Once sprouted, our leafy greens are “planted” in large ponds of ultra-filtered, recirculating water that’s full of the nutrients they need--and none of the stuff they don’t.



During the 14-day growing cycle, we harness the power of the sun --the ultimate renewable energy source-- and set temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and light to the exact levels our greens need.



Greens are harvested by skilled greenhouse workers and custom-built machines and refrigerated before packing.



Greens are hand-packed into clamshells, labeled, and stacked in cases and shipped out the same day.